Purchasing Division

A City is in effect many businesses, which include governmental and proprietary operations working together, whose primary goal is measured by how well they serve their customers, the residents.

Purchasing Manager

An important function of the City's Finance Department is that of the Purchasing Division led by the Purchasing Manager.

The Purchasing Manager's job is to direct and coordinate all purchasing, within the City, handle all public bids, assist with the writing of specifications, and ensure that all Federal, State and Local guidelines are met and complied with.


It is the Purchasing Division's primary purpose to acquire goods and/or services at the best possible price, consistent with required specifications, from responsible vendors so that proper and efficient operations exist within the City. In other words, obtaining everything from paper clips and tanker trucks to architectural and engineering services.

The Purchasing Division enhances City operations so that the City may provide the best service possible. This is accomplished through procedures bound together by ethics, integrity and intelligence.


The City of Port Orange has become a participant with DemandStar. To access formal bid information go to the vendor bid information page. The Purchasing Division is located on the first floor of City Hall and is always open to new ideas, products, services and the companies that provide such. We do not maintain a bidder's list separate from DemandStar. Informal bids are obtained by individual departments. The vendor should direct promotional materials to our email and ask that we forward the information to interested departments.

Notice of Intended Action

Notices of Intended Action that have been submitted for approval are published and available through the City Meeting Agendas. Bidders wishing to object to the intended action must follow process outlined in Bid / RFP / RFSQ General Terms and Conditions, clause Number 11.

"Failure to file a protest within the time prescribed for filing pursuant to City Ordinance 2-277 – Bid Protest shall constitute a waiver of proceedings."

Purchasing Documents