Employee Hiring & Training

Employee Hiring

CareerSource Flagler Volusia (CSFV)

CFSV links more than 1,000 Flagler and Volusia businesses to over 20,000 job seekers. Career development professionals work directly with area employers to align their demand for skilled talent with the needs of those seeking employment and career development opportunities. CareerSource Flagler Volusia has various Recruiting Event capabilities to assist with hiring needs. Visit their website for more information.

Employee Training


Flagler Volusia can offset costs associated with training new employees and upgrading the skills of existing employees through Employee Reimbursement Program. Contact CSFV for additional Information.

Center for Business & Industry (CBI)

CBI offers short term training, conferences, seminars, customized training services and technical assistance. Courses and services can be customized and delivered at any location. Example: On site customized CNC operator training module. Visit their website for more information.