Planning and Zoning

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Development Review 

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The City’s Development Review section of the Community Development Department coordinates the review and approval of development applications and determines their compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Code and other related city ordinances as well as local, state and federal code requirements and regulations.

Planning project managers work closely with the development team and other City departments (SDRC – Staff Development Review Committee) guiding projects through the review and approval process. This approach results in a more streamlined and timely review and provides the development team with continual guidance and support from staff.

Development Review typically occurs in four phases:
1.    Pre-Application
2.    Application Submittal
3.    SDRC Review
4.    Public Meeting / Approval

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Long Range Planning is responsible for formulating strategic plans to guide the City's long term growth and development. This section prepares and coordinates implementation of various county, regional and state planning efforts.

Transportation Planning is responsible for transportation related activities, including both project specific and comprehensive planning activity.  This section reviews current development projects for transportation and traffic impacts, and reviews and analyzes other traffic-related capital improvement projects.


The City's Zoning section interprets and administers the City's Land Development Code (LDC) Zoning District Regulations. The LDC defines zoning categories which regulate and establish uses, building setbacks, and development standards for each piece of land within the City. These categories segregate land uses into three main categories – residential, commercial and industrial.

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