Yard & Garage Sales

Yard Sale Permits

A Yard Sale Permit is required to be obtained and displayed for all sales conducted by the owner or lessee of any family dwelling where household or personal items, not purchased specifically for such sale, are displayed within the garage, carport, dwelling, or yard and offered to the public for sale.

Obtaining a Permit

Yard Sale Permits may be obtained from the Customer Service Department, located on the first floor at City Hall. A permit fee is required and information will need to be provided including the address of the sale, name of person conducting the sale, and the date of the sale.

Restrictions & Limitations

No more than two sales may be conducted at the same address in any calendar year. Sales shall be limited to three consecutive days or two consecutive weekends for two days each.

Signs are not permitted to be posted anywhere except on the property of the sale.

The requirements to obtain a Yard Sale Permit do not pertain to sales of personal property made under court order or process.


For more information on obtaining a Yard Sale Permit please contact the Customer Service Department at 386-506-5720.