Animal Tags


Animal tags and rabies vaccinations are required annually for all dogs and cats in the City. Animal tags are available at City Hall (first floor) with verification of rabies vaccination and a nominal fee. Additional information on animal tags is available by calling the City at 386-506-5720.


The City's Animal Control Ordinance is enforced by the Police Department and prescribes the type, number and tag requirements for pets. Generally speaking, up to four dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets are permitted in any dwelling unit. Geckos, iguanas and birds of the parrot family are also limited to four per dwelling unit. Horses and livestock are only permitted on agricultural property.

All pet owners are required to obey leash laws and curb their pets City-wide.


For information on the Animal Control Ordinance, Report Violations, or Request Animal Control Officer / Dog Catcher, call the Port Orange Police Department at 386-506-5800.
Image of brown dog sitting in grass looking into camera