Sanitary Sewer Details


Sewer Construction Documents

  1. S-1 Sanitary Sewer Design Notes (PDF)
  2. S-2 Sanitary Sewer Construction Notes (PDF)
  3. S-3 Lift Station Wet Well Design Notes (PDF)
  4. S-4 Lift Station Wet Well Construction Notes (PDF)
  5. S-5 Sanitary Sewer Approved Products (PDF)
  6. S-6 Standard Manhole (PDF)
  7. S-7 Sanitary Sewer Cover and General Notes (PDF)
  8. S-8 Shallow Manhole (PDF)
  9. S-9 Outside Drop Manhole (Standard New Construction) (PDF)
  10. S-10 Outside Drop Manhole (Standard) (PDF)
  11. S-11 Outside Drop Manhole (Retrofit Only) (PDF)
  12. S-12 Inside Drop Manhole (Retrofit Only) (PDF)
  13. S-13 Rubber Boot and Precast Joint Connection (PDF)
  14. S-14 Storm Drainage Crossing/Sanitary Lateral Pipe Crossing (PDF)
  15. S-15 Sewer Lateral (PDF)
  16. S-16 Cleanout (PDF)
  17. S-17 Locator Tape/Tracewire Installation for Sewer Water and Reclaimed Water Pipelines (PDF)
  18. S-18 Sewer/Water/Drainage Crossing (PDF)
  19. S-19 Typical Lift Station Site Plan (PDF)
  20. S-20 Typical Lift Station Site Plan (PDF)
  21. S-21 Lift Station Potable Water Service (Where Reclaim Water Not Available) (PDF)
  22. S-22 Lift Station Wet Well (PDF)
  23. S-23 Lift Station Emergency Pump Connection (PDF)
  24. S-24 Packaged Lift Station Electrical Equipment Rack (PDF)
  25. S-25 Packaged Lift Station Electrical Service Schematic (PDF)
  26. S-26 Sanitary Sewer Force Main Valve and Valve Box (PDF)
  27. S-27 Type A Bedding and Trench (PDF)
  28. S-28 Type B Bedding and Trench (Typical for Water, Sewer, Forcemain, Stormdrain, and Reclaimed Water
  29. S-29 Sanitary Sewer Double Manhole Cover (PDF)
  30. S-30 Standard Air Release Valve Assembly (Vertical Pipe Layout) (PDF)
  31. S-31 Sewer Air Release Valve Assembly with Odor Control System (Vertical Pipe Layout) (PDF)
  32. S-32 Standard Air Release Valve Assembly Above Ground Vertical Pipe Layout (PDF)
  33. S-33 Sewer Air Release Valve Assembly with Odor Control System (PDF)
  34. S-34 Air Release Valve Underground (Force Mains) Traffic Style (PDF)