Laboratory Operations

About the Laboratory

The Central Laboratory is manned seven days a week 365 days a year. Our team of trained microbiologists, operators, and chemists are licensed by the State of Florida and are required to undergo continuing education requirements in order to maintain their licensure.

To assure and maintain laboratory certification the lab passes their U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Health (DOH) proficiencies twice a year. We process over 2,000 tests each month to protect public health.

Our emphasis is on ensuring your drinking water is safe by sampling 70 sites located throughout the city per month. As part of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, your drinking water is routinely tested for bacterial and chemical contaminants.
Picture of Total Suspended Solids in beakers and a test tube
You should annually receive a copy of these test results in the mail as the Annual Consumer Confidence Report as mandated by the EPA.

Industrial Pretreatment

An additional part of the Laboratory Operations Division is the Industrial Pretreatment Program. The responsibility of this program is to ensure commercial or industrial discharges to the sewer system are not exceeding pollutant limitations.


Permits regulating the conditions under which wastewater may be discharged into the sewer system are issued when necessary. These regulations can be found in the City Code of Ordinances under chapter 74.


The standard testing performed keeps the Water and Wastewater Plants in compliance with their permits. The lab is responsible to EPA, DEP, DOH, SJWMD, VCHD, NELAC, and you the taxpayer. We also function as a consulting resource to the Utilities Department complimenting their own capabilities. Providing innovative and effective services to help find solutions is part of our commitment to excellence.