Backflow Prevention


A backflow prevention device is a mechanical device located at the meter that prevents a reverse flow of water (backflow) into the distribution system in case of a pressure loss in the line. This prevents contaminants from flowing into the distribution system and spreading to other locations.

Commercial Customers

Commercial customers are required to have a reduced pressure principle assembly (RP) installed immediately after their water meter to protect our water distribution system. RPs provide the best protection for the public water system. Commercial utilities customers are required by City code to have their RPs tested annually by a Certified Backflow Prevention (BFP) Tester. Fax the backflow tester's report to 386-756-5376.

Residential Customers

Our residential utilities customers with reclaimed water have a double-check BFP on their potable water meter to prevent cross-connection with their reclaimed water irrigation system. Irrigation systems using potable water need a pressure vacuum breaker BFP before the irrigation meter.

2 inch above ground water meter with backflow preventer painted blue