Building Permit Checklists

IMPORTANT: Before you submit your building permit application, please take the time to review the Commercial or Residential checklists by clicking on the links below. Please submit all documents listed on the permit's checklist to the Building Department when submitting your permit application. Incomplete submittals will not be processed. If you have any questions, please contact us at (386) 506-5602.

Commercial Building Permit - Checklists

Click on the link above to view the Commercial Building Permit Checklists. 

Residential Building Permit - Checklists

Click on the link above to view the Residential Building Permit Checklists.

Building Forms and Documents

If you would like to submit your building permit or form digitally, please contact us at (386) 506-5602 for details. IMPORTANTPlease be advised that an original hard copy of all documents will still be required prior to your permit being issued. 

Above Ground Pool Information (PDF)
Residential Above Ground Swimming Pool Information

After Hours Inspection Request Form (PDF)
Form to use if you are requesting an inspection outside of normal hours.

List of approved roll-off vendors, click here.

Backflow Inspection Form (PDF)
Form used to certify test and maintenance of backflow prevention assemblies.

Building Permit Application (PDF)
Application is used for all permit types (except Tree and Demo permits). 

Building Permit Fees (PDF)
Building Permit Fees to assist in your Calculation.

Checklist for Commercial (Build-Out) (PDF)
Checklist of items to be submitted for commercial plan review.

Checklist for Commercial (New Buildings) (PDF)
Checklist of items to be submitted for commercial plan review.

Checklist for One & Two Family Home (PDF)
Checklist of items to be submitted for new home permit review.

Checklist for Residential Permits (PDF)
Checklist of items to be submitted for residential permit review.

Commercial CO Checklist (PDF)
Items required for Certificate of Occupancy-Commercial Construction

Commercial Utility Serviceload Calculations (PDF)
Calculation of drainage fixture units (DFUs) for sewer and water impact fees.

Contractor Change Form (PDF)
Use this form when changing contractors.

Contractor Registration Information (PDF)
Information regarding contractor registration.

Demolition Permit Application (PDF)
Demolition of Residential and Commercial Structures. Cable, Electric, Gas, Phone and Septic approvals must be signed off on the application prior to submitting the application, Water and Sewer approvals will be processed internally.

Early Start Permit (PDF)
Application to allow work on a building, subject to limitations, while a building permit application is being processed.

Early Morning Concrete Pour (PDF)
Request form to make application for an early morning concrete pour.

Fast-Track Permitting Green Building Program Application (PDF)
Projects that have completed third-party green building certification application are eligible for Fast-Track Permitting. To apply for Fast-Track Permitting complete and submit this form along with a building permit application. A City staff member will be designated to work in close contact with you to oversee the expedited review of the building permit.

HVAC Duct Inspection Affidavit (PDF)
For use when part of the duct and / or HVAC system has been replaced to certify duct work sealed according to Florida Building Code and Florida Energy Code requirements.

HVAC Emergency Change Out Form (PDF)
A form used to document the need for an emergency HVAC system replacement to be followed within 72 hours by a formal Building Permit Application. The emergency form is to be completed and faxed to the City of Port Orange Building Division prior to work commencing.

Inspection (Dry-In) Affidavit (PDF)
Must be completed for all site built single family home re-roofs. Completed affidavit must be on jobsite at time of deck nailing (in-progress) inspection.

Master File Application (PDF) The master building permit program is intended for use by builders who expect to construct identical single-family or two-family dwellings or townhomes on a repetitive basis. The master building permit program must be designed to achieve standardization and consistency during the permitting process and to reduce the time spent by local building departments during the site-specific building permit application process.

Notice of Commencement (PDF)
Document must be executed and recorded for all permits with value of $2,500 or more ($7,500 for HVAC).

Owner / Builder Affidavit (PDF)
Document must be executed for the owner of a property to pull a building permit acting as their own contractor.

Permit Extension Request (PDF)
Permit Extension Request

Power of Attorney (PDF)
Form to be used when someone other than the license holder is dropping off or picking up permits

Pre-Power Agreement (PDF)
Agreement allowing electric power for checking out equipment prior to final inspection

Product Approvals Specification Sheet (PDF)
To be submitted with permit package if requested on the permit checklist.

Residential CO Checklist (PDF)
Items required for Certificate of Occupancy-Residential Construction

Revision / Resubmittal Form (PDF)
Form to submit to Building Division when responding to plan review comments or revising an issued permit

Roof Repairs Permitting Requirements (PDF)
Requirements and information regarding roof repairs

Roof Slope Form (PDF)
Form to be submitted with re-roof permit

Sign Information (Permanent) (Call (386) 506-5601 for information)
Detailed requirements and checklist for permanent signage

Sign Information (Temporary) (Call (386) 506-5601 for information)
Detailed requirements and checklist for temporary signage

Special Flood Hazard Area Form (PDF)
Submit with Building Permit Application for property identified by FEMA as Flood Zone A, AE, AH, V, or VE.

Substantial Improvement/Damage Worksheet (PDF)
Submit with Building Permit Application Supplement Special Flood Hazard Area Form if there is an existing dwelling/building on the property.

Swimming Pool (Public) Supplemental Worksheet (PDF)
Form to be submitted with public swimming pool application

Swimming Pool Safety Form (PDF)
Form to be submitted with residential swimming pool application

Temporary Urban Chicken Permit Application (PDF)
Temporary Urban Chicken Permit Application

Temporary Use Application (PDF)
Form used prior to Certificate of Occupancy.

Tree Contractor Registration Application (PDF)
This application must be submitted with your City business tax, general liability insurance, and worker’s comp or exemption.

Tree Removal Application (PDF)
To be submitted with the building permit application for any work requiring tree removal (Residential, Commercial, or Historic).

Utility Connections Form (PDF)
For New Residential Development.

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