Community Development

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WELCOME! The City of Port Orange Community Development Department is comprised of three divisions: Building, Planning, and Engineering. Each division provides specialized services to the citizens of Port Orange and our development community. For more information on services, click on the division icons below. 

Click on this button to access the Building Division.

◾ Permitting
◾ Plan Review
 ◾ Inspections
 ◾ Business Tax

Click on this button to access the Planning Division.

◾ Development Review
◾ Comprehensive/Long Range Planning
◾ Transportation Planning
◾ Zoning

Click on this button to access the Engineering Division.

◾Development Review
◾Capital Project Management
◾Floodplain Management

Have you checked out our  Interactive Development Activity Report? CLICK HERE to experience all current development happening in the City of Port Orange in our new interactive map!

Development Activity Report Webpage

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