Firework Safety

Consumer Sparkler / Firework Safety Tips

  • Have a designated, responsible adult of firework/sparkler products. Alcohol and Fireworks are an invitation to disaster.
  • Firework/Sparkler products shall be placed on a hard surface. Please see instructions on the firework/sparkler product for safe placement.
  • Make sure an ample fuse is showing from the sparkler product. If the fuse is not visible, do not light the product.
  • Always display firework/sparkler products in an open surrounding and away from trees, canopies, any and all flammable / combustible liquids, and structures.
  • Always keep spectators, especially children, at a safe distance. Children should never be encouraged to ignite firework / sparkler products.
  • Have a bucket of water and a charged garden hose available for “duds” or small fires. Make sure the unlit sparkler product is cooled prior to picking up the product and submerging in water.
  • Never attempt to re-ignite “duds”, or firework products that failed to activate. Failure to adhere to this provision will cause severe burns to the face, chest, and hands.
  • If a firework/sparkler product burns you, immerse the burn in cool water and seek medical attention immediately. Never place butter, oils or greasy products on a burn! This promotes infection of the burn area!
  • Above all use common sense, and be safe!

More Information

Read more helpful information in the Firework Consumer Safety (PDF) brochure.

Not Safe & Sane (WMV)

Image of person engulfed in white smoke with text Consumer fireworks not safe and sane.