Sharps Collection Program

Citizens of Port Orange are offered a safe way to effectively dispose of  home use contaminated needles, also known as “Sharps”.

Program Provides

  • Drop Off Site for full home-use Sharps Containers
  • Proper Disposal of containers as required by State Law
  • Replacement Containers for Port Orange Residents

Drop Off

Deliver your full home use Sharps Container to any City of Port Orange Fire Station for proper disposal. Please hand deliver the sharps container to Fire Department Personnel. (Do not leave any sharps containers unattended at the Fire Stations)

Replacement Containers

Residents of Port Orange may receive a free sharps container for in-home use, to safely dispose of contaminated needles. (Containers will be provided free of charge, as long as supplies last and sponsored funds are available).

Program Questions

Contact Port Orange Fire Rescue at 386-506-5900.


Read more in the Sharps Community Flyer (PDF).