City Council

Donald O. Burnette, MBA
City Mayor
Donald Burnette

Phone: 386-214-3440
Email Donald Burnette
Term expires: December 2024

Jonathan Foley
City Council District 1thumbnail_Interim Council Member Jonathan Foley_EDITED

Phone: 386-214-6514
Email Jonathan Foley
Term expires: Interim Appointment

Chase Tramont
City Council District 2
Chase Tramont

Phone: 386-212-8304
Email Chase Tramont
Term expires: December 2022

Drew Bastian
Vice Mayor District 3
Drew Bastian

Phone: 386-214-5571
Email Drew Bastian
Term expires: December 2024

Scott Stiltner
City Council District 4
Scott Stiltner

Phone: 386-214-4795
Email Scott Stiltner
Term expires: December 2022


The City of Port Orange operates under the Council-Manager form of government. This form of government consists of a Mayor, a four-member City Council, and a professional City Manager.

Residents elect a Mayor and four council members who each represent a specific district of the community. Elected officials serve staggered terms and are chosen in non-partisan elections.

The mayor and council are responsible for the legislative and policy direction functions of City government.