Fire Safety & Inspections

About Division Chief Gardner

Beau Gardner, Division Chief of Fire Safety and Inspections, has been with Port Orange Department of Fire and Rescue since 1999. He started as a Firefighter / EMT and worked his way up to his current position with the department. He has obtained his Bachelor's Degree, two Associate degrees, and a multitude of other certifications along the way, including graduating from the Executive Fire Officer program at the National Fire Academy.


As Division Chief of Fire Safety and Inspections, he is tasked with performing fire investigations, fire data collection, fire code legislation development, and public safety education. This is done by reviewing new construction plans, investigating fires, and public education. He is also responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of the Florida Fire Prevention Code, NFPA Life Safety Code, National Fire Codes and all other state and local ordinances related to fire protection and life safety; effectively reducing the frequency, probability, and severity of fire resulting in the loss of life or property.

Beau Gardner
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Municipal Fire Inspectors

In addition to his job duties, he oversees the many highly skilled and State certified Municipal Fire Inspectors who inspect buildings and other properties throughout the city for fire hazards, and focuses on protecting citizens from injury. The Municipal Fire Inspectors prevent fire through fire inspections and fire code enforcement activities. Emphasis is given to education during the code enforcement process so that the owner or manager of a property is made aware of the necessity for fire prevention measures. If a violation is noted, Division Chief Gardner is responsible to ensure that a re-inspection occurs and that all violations have been corrected in a timely fashion.