Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department provides a wide variety of services to a number of different customers.

Our resource management services include:  Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, and Risk Management. 

Human Resources Division 

The Human Resources Division is responsible for recruitment, position  classification and compensation, employee and management training,  employee performance evaluations, personnel rules development and  implementation, record keeping, employee benefits, labor contract  negotiation and administration, and coordination of the process for  resolving employee disputes among many other things.

Information Technology Division 

The Information Technology Division is responsible for overseeing and  guiding all technology-related activities associated with the delivery  of products, services, and information managed by every department of  the City.

Specific functions include providing desktop and network support for  over 400 employees to perform their job and provide City services,  delivering voice and data communications throughout all 14 City  facilities, supporting over 75 application servers including centralized  email and web sites, and supplying geographic information systems (GIS)  to include map production and custom spatial application development.

Risk Management Division 

The Risk Management Division oversees the daily operations of the City's  workers' compensation, general liability, property and auto programs.   All claims for damages against the city are recorded, and a thorough  investigation occurs.

All employees who are either injured or involved in a vehicular or  property accident are encouraged to report this immediately to the Risk  Manager.  Risk Management also oversees the City's Safety Program, which  includes D.O.T. drug and alcohol testing, the Drug Free Workplace,  specialized trainings and working as a strategic partner with critical  team members such as Public Works, Public Utilities, Parks and  Recreation and Community Development.