Emergency Management

                      Hurricane Irma Information and Updates: 

Solid Waste 

Waste Pro is back to their normal collection schedule.  Please have your garbage and recycling out on your normal day by 7:00 AM.  On Wednesday, September 13th, Waste Pro will pick up normal yard waste, which will include small hand piles and up to 3 bags of trimmings.
Waste Pro does not have the capability of determining what is pre-storm debris and what is post-storm debris.  Because of this, the large Claw Yard Waste Zones have been suspended to allow the Disaster Debris Collection Company to pick up storm debris.  Please have your storm debris curbside with vegetation piled separately from bags for collection. Please see the visual below.

If you have any questions, please contact Waste Pro at 386-788-8890 or the City of Port Orange Public Works department 386-506-5575.


The water is safe to drink.

Please LIMIT toilet flushing, shower usage, etc. due to weakened storm water system from the storm.

What should you be doing now:

Stay off the roads. Evaluate your home and stay put until city officials are able to do safety assessments of the city. 

 Continue to check the City Hall Facebook page and talk to your family & friends regarding your hurricane plan.


What to expect after the storm 

  • Hurricane Irma was a very different storm than Hurricane Matthew. When Hurricane Matthew affected us, it did not impact the entire state and passed by us about 30 miles offshore.
  • Hurricane Irma was a large, intense storm coming up the state and affecting the entire state. We anticipate having more damage than Hurricane Matthew and power restoration to possibly take longer than after Hurricane Matthew.
  • We encourage neighbors to help neighbors and be patient after this storm as it will take time to get the roads cleared and power restored.
  • After the storm, if you move debris, please keep it away from the road and away from storm drains. Do not stack or lean debris on trees, poles or other structures, including fire hydrants or meters. Debris placed from the sidewalk toward your property will not be picked up.
  • Normal household trash should be kept separate from storm debris. Storm debris should be separated into
    • Vegetative debris: Leaves, logs, plants and tree branches. Do not put leaves in a bag.
    • Construction and demolition debris: Building materials, carpet, drywall, furniture, lumber, mattresses and plumbing.
    • Appliances and white goods: Air conditioners, dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and water heaters

Emergency Management supports each City department to ensure the safety of Port Orange residents and businesses during all natural and man-made emergencies.  The Emergency Management Coordinator, Jordan Guido, has been with the City of Port Orange since March 2016 and serves Port Orange preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation needs by coordinating information and resources between City departments, partner agencies, volunteer organizations, and the community

The Emergency Management Program creates and maintains citywide emergency plans, completes outreach campaigns, and works with community partners to ensure readiness of those living and working within the City of Port Orange.  

If your Homeowner's Association or organization  is interested in having the Emergency Management Coordinator come to one of your meetings, please contact Fire Administration. 


Organizations to Donate for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Please remember that CASH IS BEST at this time.


Prepare for Whatever Tomorrow Brings

It's important to ensure that you and your family are prepared for all types of emergencies. You never know when the day before an emergency is until it's too late.

Whatever Tomorrow Brings